It's not what you think.

Topical biopharmaceuticals.
Nutrients with max potency.

  • Skin care + aromatherapy
    that's unisex & unispecies
  • 100% Solvent-Free
    100% Alcohol-Free
  • Founded by former
    N.I.H. fellow & PhD
solvent-free vegan organic skin stem cell serum


Hydrated perfume with Vegan Skin Stem Cell Serum™.
For mammalian skin health. Great for humans!

Serum is a blood product that tightens the cells of the skin, and synthetic commercial chemicals found in fragrances and skin care products are hated by mammals with extremely sensitive smell.

Our patent-pending system keeps nutrients at their maximum potency by eliminating damage from solvents, and comes with naturally aromatic essential oils. We've discovered this combination makes vegan nutrients as effective as serum, and works from the outside in to benefit skin health from the inside out.

Naturally anti-microbial
& anti-fungal too!

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solvent-free vegan organic skin stem cell serum
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Looks & behaves different.

So natural,
you can actually see.

Oil and water are meant to separate. Our solution brings the benefit of pure oily products in a hydration-first blend that's visually and characteristically different from all other products. Separates and mixes.

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Skin stem cells optimized nutrients blend.

Our formula is purposed to feed ectodermal mesenchymal stem cells that are responsible for skin matrix synthesis, damage repair, and cellular turnover. The unique nutritional requirements of these cells is critical to their function. Our nutrients blend is designed to support the stem cells of the skin.

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Experts in Adult Ectodermal Stem Cells

We were founded by a NIH trained PhD expert in the collagen synthesis of the functional origin of skin: the adult ectodermal mesenchymal stem cell. They're found beneath the skin layer, and are responsible for the lifetime of skin turnover, maintenance, and healing.

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Just a few gentle shakes mixes the oil and water layers completely. Oil soluble nutrients live in oil, and water soluble nutrients live in water. The layers separate naturally after allowing the bottle to settle.

safest alternative to solvents
  • High Quality

    USDA certified organic natural essential oils + clinical strength nutrients. Clean perfume scent good for all sexes & noses.

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  • Solvent-Free

    100% solvent-free aromatic nutrients serum with multi-patent safest alternative manufacturing. Zero irritation smell!

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  • Aromaceutical

    Scientifically formulated skin nutrients blend that preserves the bioactive properties of nutrients and aromatic essential oils.

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