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Solvent-Free Solutions




Solvents are almost always found in liquid fragrance and skincare products. And it’s why dogs hate them. With Solvent-Free Solutions, even dogs approve the smells. 100% recyclable, cruelty-free, & sustainable.



Aromatic Therapy

Solvents damage chemicals and lungs, including the respiration of dogs and babies. Benefit with aromatherapy from bioactive & potent essential oil scents that won't irritate a dog. Safe enough for babies to smell.



Skin Defense

Solvents damage the skin and chemicals. Damages the bioactive properties of chemicals and nutrients. Our essential oil topicals are safe antiseptics that kill yeast, bacteria, parasites, and other bugs.


Cologne.Dog is all natural.

Because its Solvent-Free.

Topical aromatics.
Natural potential.

Cologne.Dog is all natural.
  • Skin care + odor control
    that's unisex & unispecies
  • 100% All-Natural
    100% Alcohol-Free
  • Founded by former
    N.I.H. fellow & PhD
solvent-free vegan organic skin stem cell serum

Antiseptic Deodorant.
Eliminates odor and disease causing bugs!

All-natural deodorant that eliminates odor. Strong enough to get rid of wet dog smell.

100% non-irritating deodorant kills odor and disease causing bugs. Eliminates odor at its source and naturally antiseptic. Solvent-Free system retains the potency of the essential oils, while making it safe to apply on the most sensitive skin. This product will not leave you or your pal feeling oily. Naturally antifungal, antimicrobial, and antiparasitic.

Our products are made with premium quality USDA certified organic oils, and manufactured in Los Angeles by our dedicated team of professionals.

Naturally anti-tick
& anti-flea antiseptic!

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solvent-free vegan organic skin stem cell serum
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solvent-free vegan organic skin stem cell serum solvent-free vegan organic skin stem cell serum

Looks & behaves different.

So natural,
you can actually see.

Oil and water are meant to separate. Hydrate while the skin nutriates with oil and water soluble components. No solvents retains the natural antimicrobial and antifungal properties of essential oils!

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solvent-free vegan organic skin stem cell serum


Aromatic Vegan Skin Stem Cell Serum
For mammalian skin health. Great for humans!

The world's highest quality cold-pressed essential oils are perfumiere blended and mixed with vitamins, proteins, and alkaloids as the carrier. This formula is designed for odor control and skin health. Safe antiseptic for hygiene and feeds mammalian skin at its foundational unit, the adult skin stem cell, for healthy tissue maintenance, healing, and rejuvenation.

Naturally anti-yeast.
Good for all mammals.

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solvent-free vegan organic skin stem cell serum
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Skin stem cells optimized nutrients serum that's vegan.

Formulated from years of experience with adult mesenchymal stem cell differentiation to collagen producing cells. Our formula feeds the stem cells of the skin for healthy maintenance, healing, and rejuvenation. The nutritional requirements of these stem cells are critical for their function. Our blend supports skin stem cells' regeneration of collagen.

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Solvent-Free Fragrances

Solvents damage vital chemicals and live tissues. By removing solvents, we have introduced a new way to deliver high quality odor control, perfumes, and skin care products.

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Cologne.Dog is so natural that you can see the water separate from the oil

Just a few gentle shakes mixes the oil and water layers completely. Oil soluble nutrients live in oil, and water soluble nutrients live in water. The layers separate naturally after allowing the bottle to settle.

safest alternative to solvents
  • High Quality

    USDA certified organic essential oils

    USDA certified organic natural essential oils + clinical strength nutrients. Clean perfume scent good for all sexes & noses.

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  • Solvent-Free

    Solvent Free Solutions by Cologne.Dog

    100% solvent-free aromatic nutrients serum with multi-patent safest alternative manufacturing. Zero irritation smell!

    The science
  • Aromaceutical

    founded by a scientist

    Scientifically formulated skin nutrients blend that preserves the bioactive properties of nutrients and aromatic essential oils.

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